Technical service

ITB is committed to providing the best technical service of its kind. Our Technicians have know-how, in fact:

  • Qualified TECHNICIANS will be on site at your service 7/7j.
  • Technicians are also available in your region to provide you with any support.
  • Experts at Zoomlion’s head office provide you with the optimum solutions.
Our workshops

Like all the companies that are members of the Handling network, ITB has a specialized workshop, in which our dedicated technicians can help you maintain your equipment:

  • Scheduled interviews
  • Diagnosis and repairs, interventions: complete repairs.
  • Technical analyzes, inspections.
  • Tests and commissioning of equipment.
  • Special assembly and adaptations.
  • Guarantee of the proper execution of the usual maintenance program.
  • Lower repair costs.
The ITB technical team travels to its customers throughout Tunisia to assist them and resolve technical and maintenance problems with their machines thanks to its qualified technicians and its fleet of vehicles in fact: fleet
Technical training
Training is another main element of ITB In order to provide customers with a better understanding of the products, and impart useful know-how to equipment operators, offers a series of training support. Taking part helps you understand how to better maintain equipment effectively and efficiently, thereby improving its productivity, extending its life and getting the maximum return on your investment.)

Our training courses can be administered either at our head office, at one of our regional training centers, at our points of sale, or even at the workplace. We also provide tailor-made training (different levels) using various teaching methods (theoretical, on-site, online and simulators) for optimum teaching. For more information on training, please contact our local distributor


  • Spare parts warehouse.
  • Three warehouses are also set up to store different parts from different product lines in different dimensions, and in order to meet customer’s requirements as much as possible and improve the pass rate, we focus on key models and records of sales for each product line to confirm the parts list and stock quantity. At present, the total inventory is over 2,300,000 US dollars . You will notice that the parts are stored neat and in order.
  • We strictly follow the standards of In addition, we have specially installed 2 warehouse workers as well as the necessary equipment to ensure delivery to the customer as soon as possible.